Stevie Smith quotation . . .

Dark was the day for Childe Rolandine the artist

When she went to work as a secretary-typist.

And as she worked she sang this song

Against oppression and the rule of wrong:

It is the privilege of the rich

To waste the time of the poor . . .

This lovely Stevie Smith quotation was given me by my friend Laura, who reads the poem in loud tones of silly yet angst-ridden melodrama!  I thought of it again last week when another friend, a grown woman with CISSP certification, a M.S., and at least five grandbabies, was drawing up a spreadsheet to show our boss, down to the last five minutes, how she spends her working hours.

I hereby raise the banner of Childe Rolandine, silly as she is (I imagine her as a librarian as drawn by Edward Gorey, with a long formless black dress and long black-shod feet) over and against all databases and spreadsheets, especially foolish ones!

This blog is dedicated to Childe Rolandine and all her followers, especially the poor girl who has to sign a corrective action form when the coffee-stirrers run out, or bring in her cell phone bills because no one trusts her when she says she really called the clients from home, or whose students complain because their teacher is too fat and it makes it hard for them to concentrate, and the boss seriously suggests that she lose weight . . . .

On behalf of all of us, Grrr!


About hrafnwif

Writer, editor, teacher, and, like Childe Rolandine, a secretary-typist . . .
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